Phoropter Fascination

Phoropter collection

Collection of phoropters on Dr. Morgan’s display wall.

I just recently made email contact with Morgan Wright, O.D., a retired optometrist from New York. He revealed to me that he has a collection of every U.S.A.  phoropter ever made. Wow! Not only that, he has generously created a series of YouTube videos documenting the phoropters’ history.

In the various media, the phoropter has come to represent the “eye doctor” more than almost any other piece of equipment. Just think, when was the last time you saw an eye doctor pictured in his or her exam room without a phoropter being present?

So without further ado here is the first video followed by links to the other four videos in the five-part series. Enjoy.

History of the Phoropter parts 2 through 5