Drum style microscope


The Drum style microscope, invented by Benjamin Martin (of Martin’s Margins fame) in the 1730′s enjoyed a resurgence in England, peaking in the 1820′s to 1860′s. These were usually unsigned, being made by many makers for the trade. They were usually inexpensive, lower quality models for students and hobbyists. In France, some of the high-quality instrument makers in the 1840′s and 1850′s, such as Oberhauser, adopted the drum-style and outfitted it with top quality optics and accessories. By the late 19th century, many French makers were making small unsigned models, of low quality, as toys and for hobbyists. These continued to be sold, in two styles (single pillar from stage to body tube or dual struts) well into the 1920′s. These turn up often at antique shops.