Eye wash cups collection of seven

Eye wash cup collection of seven


Eye wash cups collection of seven

Eye wash cups a collection of seven is shown here. Some of the bottoms are signed as follows:

  1. This clear glass cup has a pedestal and is clear glass. It has a big central “G” ; under that is “12” and under that is a “1”.
  2. This clear glass cup is squat shaped with no pedestal. It has “Pat. D-99865 and below that is a circle with 3 leaves in it. All the print is very hard to read.
  3. This milk glass eye cup is on a pedestal. On its base it has “2 – 2”
  4. This squat cobalt blue eye cup has no pedestal.  Its bottom reads, “OPTREX SAFE-GUARDS SIGHT”
  5. This clear glass eye cup has ridges and a pedestal. Its bottom has a “1” on it.
  6. The rare amber eye glass cup has a squat pedestal. Its bottom may have a spiral design of some sort but it is too indistinct to ascertain.
  7. The last clear glass eye glass cup has a pedestal. On its bottom it says, “ARDEN”.

Most likely these are from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.