Keeler Senior Wide Angle Morton Ophthalmoscope


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Keeler Senior  Wide Angle Morton Ophthalmoscope 1946

Keeler Morton ophthalmoscope is a large battery operated ophthalmoscope from 1946. The bottom dial has diameters marked so that one can compare them to the patient’s pupil size. This same dial controls the lenses that are used to focus on the patient’s retina. The actual lens power is viewed through the middle magnigying lens with the plus and minus mark on either side of it.

The top ring contains five openings. The middle one is no lens (plano). There is the interesting marking convention that shows the two plus lenses in red (+8 and +20 diopters) and the two minus lenses in white (-10 and -30).

On the back side are two filters that can be swung in or out of position. One is a 1.5 mm aperture to reduce the amount of light coming to the slanted mirror. The other is a green lens (red free) presumably used to enhance the visibility of retinal blood vessels.

The instrument comes in a black leatherette box in which there is also a slot for an extra bulb which is not present.