Bausch & Lomb Magnifying Glass Lucite 1940

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Bausch & Lomb Magnifying Glass Lucite

Bausch & Lomb Magnifying Glass is a “vintage” B & L Optical Co.  hand-painted and bejeweled, hand magnifier. It appears to be from the 1940’s. It is made of Lucite plastic and is a collector’s item.
It is hand painted in gold, and green and has what appear to be 3 pink amethysts on the handle.
It has about a ten diopter lens which means about 3 1/2 X magnification. One can determine magnification of a hand magnifier by dividing the dioptric power by 4 and adding 1.

Magnifiers can be used by anyone needing to see small fonts on coupons or in some cases by presbyopes denying the need for real reading glasses.