Shooting glasses 1880

Shooting glasses 1880


What is an eye antique?
An eye antique is a relatively old object related to eyes and vision. Unlike some antique objects which can date back thousands of years, some eye antiques, like ophthalmoscopes, can only date back to about 1851. This is because the first ophthalmoscope was invented then.
Other objects, like spectacles, can go back hundreds of years to when glasses were first invented around 1300. Eye surgery instruments and printed materials can span the centuries as well. There are large numbers of fascinating objects related to man’s most precious sense, vision. Here,on this website,is a sampling of them.

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  • EyeAntiques.com displays eye antiques. Some are on display in Las Vegas and others are digital photos kindly contributed by collectors all over the world. Many items are for sale (Store) and some are only for display (Museum).
  • Dr. Gary Edwards, an ophthalmologist is also the “curator” of EyeAntiques.com. His practice was in Honolulu, Hawaii and now he is retired in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Eye antiques has been a concept since around 1980. The Internet has now made its actualization possible.
  • I believe that EyeAntiques.com is one of the few websites on the Internet dedicated solely to antiques relating to the eyes, optics and vision.