Morton Ophthalmoscope 1883

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Morton ophthalmoscope is beautifully exemplified by this model made by A.Schwarz in Wien Austria (Vienna).

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Morton ophthalmoscope

Morton ophthalmoscope is beautifully exemplified by this model. It was made by A.Schwarz in Wien, Austria (Vienna).
This is a beautiful example of the Morton non-luminous opthalmoscope.
There are two sets of lenses. One makes gross changes in power and the other makes smaller changes.
There is an iivery handle present. (ok pre-1900) There is a hole in the box so that the instrument can be assembled but left inside the box for protection.
The handle is 4 inches long. The body is 4 1/2 inches long. The mirrors are in good condition.
The mirrors can rotate and the large one can flip.
The bottom disc, with the circles of differing sizes, is an aid to measuring the pupil size.
Andrew Stanford Morton of London  popularized the non-self-luminous and the self-illuminated ophthalmoscopes bearing his name for over 40 years.
Morton is best known for the elongated track of lenses in his eponymous ophthalmoscope.