Japanese ophthalmoscope 1890


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Japanese ophthalmoscope 1892

Dr. Komoto ophthalmoscope, cased and in excellent condition.  It was invented by Dr. Jujiro KOMOTO. The Japanese Ophthalmology Society site states : “After studying for several years in Germany, Jujiro KOMOTO (1859-1938) returned to the Tokyo Imperial University and became the very first Professor of Ophthalmology in Japan. Komoto also produced the three-volume Textbook of Ophthalmology, the first comprehensive textbook on the subject to be written originally in the Japanese language. Komoto served as the first President of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society.”

Designed by Komoto Jujiro (1859-1938) in 1892.  His was the only professorship in all of Japan until 1901. The Komoto ophthalmoscope remained a standard in Japan until 1950.

Very rare collectible Japanese opthalmoscope in excellent condition, from end of 1892.

It has a case with 3 accessory lenses of +2, +4 and +5 diopters. When one lifts up the flap which holds those lenses an area is exposed which at one time held two condensing lenses probably of about 12 and 20 diopters.

The ophthalmoscope’s mirrors are in perfect condition. One is a plano mirror and the other is a concave (magnifying) mirror. They rotate into position as shown in the photos.

The handle seems to be steel or chrome plated brass.

The label on the lid translates from Japanese as “ophthalmoscope” according to “Google translate”.