pince-nez cork & steel spectacle glasses 1880 300 diopter


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pince-nez cork & steel eye glasses 1880

+3.00 diopter, 12 inch focal length. New never-worn from 1880.

pince-nez cork & steel eye glasses are never-worn, new pair of pince-nez glasses from 1880. This power of +3.00 is in the range that is available today in over-the-counter “readers”.
This type of glasses was also known as “eye-glasses” and “nose spectacles”. The left lens has a manufacturing chip in the glass next to the lens screw . It is out of line of sight.
The cork is new as are the frames and lenses. Imagine wearing original. new pince-nez cork & steel spectacles glasses over 125 years old!
According to Rosenthal in his book, pince-nez were first developed by the French in 1840. They flourished in the late 1800s and some even wear them today (but not many)