Phoropter Fascination

I just recently made email contact with Morgan Wright, O.D., a retired optometrist from New York. He revealed to me that he has a collection of every U.S.A.  phoropter ever made. Wow! Not only that, he has generously created a series of YouTube videos documenting the phoropters’ history. In the various media, the phoropter has come […]

Antiques Roadshow Interview January 2015

Interview Antiques Roadshow

Interview Antiques Roadshow Insider Newsletter Magazine Published January 2015 Interview Antiques Roadshow Insider Magaizine did me the honor of interviewing me for their Antiques Roadshow Insider subscriber magazine. It was published in January of 2015. The reporter did an excellent job of making the article interesting and also publishing some fascinating antique optical pictures with it. Here is the link: […]

Eyeantiques Home Page – 2001 to 2014 Home Page – 2001 to the Present First Website 2001 Created using Microsoft FrontPage  Second Website 2006 Created using Microsoft FrontPage Third Website 2009 Last time Microsoft FrontPage was used for Fourth Website 2011 Created with WordPress 3.1 and Starker plug-in Fourth Eyeantiques Home Page March 2011 Today’s Website 2014 Created with Word […]

Redesign, upgrade, migrate WordPress site

Remodel website? Metamorphosis of to explained.    Redesign,upgrade,migrate WordPress site I will explain here how I am changing the old eyeantiques  website to the  new eyeantiques website. I created in October, 2000 to show images of my eye antique collection. This first version of the website was created using Microsoft’s FrontPage program. […]


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