Baillart ophthalmo-dynamometer

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Baillart Ophthalmodynamometer

 by Matalene Surgical Instrument Co. Inc. of New York , N.Y.

Baillart ophthalmodynamometer is 5 3/4 inches long when not in use.
In 1960 E.B.Meyrowitz Instruments (see image of ad in gallery) became Matalene Surgical Instrument Co. This shows that this Baillart ophthalmodynamometer was made sometime after 1960.
These were used before the sophisticated tests of today to get an idea of the perfusion pressure of the ophthalmic artery.
This was done by checking the intra-ocular pressure first. Then the foot plate of the ophthalmodynamometer would gently press against the anesthetized eye over the lateral rectus insertion area. As pressure was increased a notation was made of the read out. The first notation was made when the central retinal artery would begin to pulsate.
The second reading was taken when the central retinal artery pulsation stopped. This was observed using the ophthalmoscope through a dilated pupil.
The two readings, after adjusting for intra-ocular pressure, were the diastolic and systolic pressures respectively.This model is fully functional and is in very good condition.
Baillart ophthalmodynamometer is 5-3/4 inches long when not in use.