Coxeter ophthalmoscope


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Coxeter ophthalmoscope 1886

Coxeter ophthalmoscope non luminous instrument is unusual in that it had a double sided mirror, one plano and the other concave. The mirror can be changed by removing the spigot from the holder and turning the mirror 180°.
The very limited lens track has powers of plus 1, 2 and 4D and minus 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6D.

This specimen is missing its mirror but otherwise is in good condition.

The ophthalmoscope of James Coxeter and Son was presented in the The Lancet. The  author stressed that medical students should be trusted with the ophthalmoscope as early as possible since frequently no opportunity exists later on. “The student only achieves the necessary familiarity with his own instrument.”
The price of this ophthalmoscope kept many students from being able to afford it. The ophthalmoscope sold for 15 shillings. The founding of the firm by James Coxeter was in 1836. In 1870 his son became a partner.Their address was 23 and 24 Grafton Street East, Tottenham Court Road, W.C., London.