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Antique Windsor glasses.

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Windsor glasses

Windsor glasses style was introduced in 1880. It was popular through the early 1900’s.
Windsors are noted for their round lenses, saddle bridges, and temples that wrap around the ear.
Windsor frames were generally gold and silver colored.
This one is covered with tortoise celluloid at the end of the temples. The left celluloid has a tiny defect on the top which would not be noticeable when wearing.
People associate the Windsor style with John Lennon and Mahatma Gandhi, Ernest Hemingway and Teddy Roosevelt.
The Windsor glasses style remained popular until the early 1900’s. Today they are highly sought-after.
This one measure 4 1/8 inches across. The lenses are 1 5/8 inches across. The temples are 4 1/4 inches to the curve.
The lenses are “periscopic” or meniscus lenses (both sides are curved. Their power is about + 4 diopters on the right and +1.25 diopters on the left.
The optician can remove these lenses and replace with your own.